The job of The Knight, tonight, what’s new in The Smartest Man In the World

The job of The Knight, tonight, what's new in The Smartest Man In the World

“It’s now or never” should be “Erik Van Looy must have thought when he was at the top of the list of potential participants for The” world’s Smartest Human being In the World, ” it began. Only in a season is 17, he has managed to become one of the most popular actors to have a game to play. But Wonder of wonders, the Job of The Knight was a gap in his busy schedule.

“I know Sven has been a long time, and he played one of the main characters in my first movie, Ad Fundum. Aside from the fact that we were both huge film buffs, we also have a very, very similar and very much in Antwerp dialect. I’ve had him for participating yet, just a call to ask him to make a serious effort to get at the answer to the quizzes. I am afraid that I am otherwise very soon it will be repealed in my home garden and kitchen as a result. He is sure to play to win. Strong competitiegeest, and, above all, an excellent kwisser,” laughs the presenter, Erik Van Looy.