The great fear of the Rod, and Mathias Coppens

14c832f3fadb68bdb6dd677e57f0b439 - The great fear of the Rod, and Mathias Coppens

How big is the risk that the company will be in the new VTM-programme “the Code of the Av”? It sometimes seems that the companies, even with their lives, but for the brothers, Coppens, to claim, in All of which all of perféct is safe and secure. All of the presents, Mathias Coppens will be in with a badly damaged eye…

In the Body of the Av setting for the brothers, even their own limbs on the line, but for now, it is the participating companies who, for the sample to pass through. Nevertheless, it stresses the Front that it really is not gevaargehalte of the stunts in the Code of Coppens. The production does its utmost to ensure the safety and security of the company’s insurance. His own verwoning went in Front when a glass is broken up, the fragments in one go. A solid, but that solid look, but in the meantime it’s all healed up.