Sam Gooris coach in ” The Voice of Senior

Sam Gooris coach in " The Voice of Senior

In January, the footage of season two of ” The Voice, Senior, from the start, the judges in season 1, there is only one person on. The VTM will replace Natalia, Dana Winner, Helmut Lotti, just as Walter Grootaers is allowed to continue. In season two, given by Walter to the company of Karen Damen, André Hazes, and Sam Gooris. What is said by the newcomer, Sam Gooris, who account for about over 30 years of experience on the stage. “I know for myself that I’m not the best singer, ben, ‘ says Sam Gooris a regular basis. He refers to himself, also a coach, and not a singing teacher.

The man, Kelly, Our, will, next year, be good to know what to do. In itself, there are only a limited number of shows from The Voice to the Senior, but there are also some pictures from the movies, as a coach, expect to VTM, that of the members of the jury and their team are really going to coach them. However, Sam Gooris is a solution for you: “I’m going to be with a good team to surround’.