Halina Reijn, chosen Woman of the Year by 2019

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Halina Reijn, chosen Woman of the Year by 2019

26 november-2019 05:35
26-11-19 05:35
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An actress and director, Halina Reijn is a Dutch edition of Harper’s Bazaar, was elected Woman of the Year by 2019. They will be given the award for her many accomplishments at both the national and international film and theatre.

The 44-year-old actress received the award from the hands of the Second speaker of Khadija Arib. Reijn made her directorial debut with the film, Instinct, which is the Dutch Film Festival has opened, and has been selected for an academy award in the category best non-English film.

The Women of the Year award is a joint initiative of Harper’s Bazaar. Every week nominate her as a woman, that a particular service has been placed, and this is different to the ‘Woman of the Week” on the website, in order to get a ‘Woman of the Year” from the menu. The awarding ceremony of the Women of the Year Awards, will be the magazine’s women of the visibility that something special to drop and stand out. In order to be as other women, to inspire them to be visible, to make.