Willy Sommers on the daughter On: ‘sorry, that’s lost time,”

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On Tuesday night the 26 of november, “The house” by Willy Sommers as a guest. With more than 200 concerts each year, in the diary of Willy Sommers, do, and Eric Goens lucky that he was the Most popular singer at home, you can pick them up.

Don’t have an account and the hard rocker’s life of Yeats, was the manager, were converted to the Flemish song. Flemish girls are screaming in the parish halls of The Failure to Out-and Willy, you can enjoy the full advantage of his status as a meisjesidool. “From the very beginning of my career, I have always been happy that my mum and dad to me none the less because you receive so many requests to stay the night. The temptation is great, but I don’t know my daddy will always be grateful.”

The star is given a central place in The home. Because of this, plaatjesrobot has played a major role in the development of the career of Willy. It all started with the song ‘The morning’. “That should be in every jukebox in every pub in Flanders.”
However, there were also a lot of hidden images, the star of Willy. As a function of the career. His relationship with She, he has for seven years kept a secret.
The daughter On that relationship, he was eighteen years of age kept out of sight. “That was a sword of Damocles over my head. I thought once that my door. I had agreed to that, and I took care of the financial and volunteers in children’s education.” The pictures On which he / she is sent, received, had he but disappeared in a hidden drawer. Today, he regretted that wasted time. But in those days it was much the same. Everything for your career.

Willy has it in The house. He knows that there will have to be prepared. And he is prepared for it. Or, more precisely, to his wife, Cindy, has been prepared. Willy thinks that it has to come with a prepared dish in the oven for too long, but then Eric comes up with a surprise…