Andy Peelman in Colombia

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He patrolled all of them are in Virginia, Mississippi, Israel, Cambodia, and Georgia, however, Andy Peelman, there is not much to seen. Because of the way some police departments have to work with, his imagination and challenging.

On Tuesday, november 26, in Colombia, it’s one surprise after the other. Work will start in Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia, and is also the home base of the National Police Office. It is not only the headquarters of the police force, but also as a hotel. Here, you can agents, even outside their working hours, to come to rest with their families. But it is not a very long time… because, of course, an agent should already have, after 20 years of service at retirement.

For Andy to join in on the tank, may be he has specialised in training in the Jungla Policia Antinarcoticos training. How is he going to go? A privévliegtuig.

“This is pure madness how many aircraft are in the police force here. In Colombia, it is, of course, is very high. If you do that, you can measure distances to the car in them… This is going to be a bit faster. It is incredible what they have here.”