Rudi Vranckx, with a Home-and actress-to the war

db2daf93bf1dc34d633ef768ad0ac62d - Rudi Vranckx, with a Home-and actress-to the war

For more than thirty years, Rudi Vranckx’s report and background on major world conflicts. Starting in January, he will do it, with two documentary series on One Canvas. In the past few years, he moved on to three distinct areas of conflict: Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia. He came back with two distinct ranges on the size of the two channels.

The One Between war and life-taking Actors each week, with two Interesting Flemish people to join its “war: George and jan-michiel Hessels Dominique Van Malder (Radio Gaga), actress, Her De Ruysscher (at Home), the actor Geert Van Rampelberg (Salamander), a Radio 2 presenter Cathérine Vandoorne (for The Ladies) and as an entrepreneur, Wouter Torfs. The experience they have of the war, when they, who for the first time to see with your own eyes? Together, immerse them in the stories of the ordinary people in the war, to the war, and to give a face to.