New single by Emma Bale

4a840678d48f7461496ecdd46703fad3 - New single by Emma Bale

With hits such as ‘Run’, ‘Curacao’, ‘Worth It’ and ‘Cut Loose,’ was Emma’s Bale, at a very young age, right at the top of the Belgian rock and roll.” In 2017, she became the youngest, MIA, winner, ever, and she won the award for ‘Best Solo Female’ to take home. In the same year, she performed in the Dance Hall at Pukkelpop, and she stood in a sold out AB Club and a year later, she played in the summer for her first show at the Rock Werchter festival. At just 20 years of age, she has been on numerous European stages, standing, and her songs have been all of the more than 50 million streams.

That is, they are stronger than ever back is proven with her new single ‘Piece’. The song refers to the iconic and heroic French vrijheidstrijdster, Joan of Arc, that is, literally, to the limit, and went to meet its objectives. Emma is still greatly drawn to felt because of her story. The song ‘Joan’ is about a young woman who, with her willpower, anybody want to get together with her to go for it. No matter how heavy the burden is: “Why don’t you share the load, ready to go. My heart is strong enough”. Just like the famous example is that she is willing to push the limits in order to achieve this goal.

Emma Bale to pick up in the spring of 2020 for Belgium and the Netherlands, in concert halls, for a number of exclusive live shows where she got her new job will present. The tour will start on the 27th of march, at the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam, and ends up at the AB Club in Brussels, belgium.