Friend, R. Kelly, accusing him of emotional abuse

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Friend, R. Kelly, accusing him of emotional abuse

November 24, 2019 12:51 am
24-11-19 12:51 am
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Joycelyn on the Surface, the 24-year-old girl friend, R. Kelly, tells the story in a series of confessions, on the platform, Patreon, that, the singer’s hair for years and years adjusted. Kelly (52) is, as of July jam, on suspicion of several felonies, including possession of child pornography, and sexual conduct with a minor.

It says that the Kelly is of her right after their first meeting, in 2015, to a career as a singer, and a model for me. He left her to fly to California, and took on a couple of songs with her in the recording studio, where he, according to the Surface, then, nothing else did. “Robert (R. Kelly, ed.). it told me so much of my nineteen-year-old mind believed in all of them,” she writes.

After she revoked was made, it was the behavior of Kelly, under the Surface, to be very controlling and manipulative. If she was to addressing him as ” sir ” and “daddy”, and if it were not for her parents to call, no one to meeluisterde. Further, it held, Kelly’s assistants for her constantly, even when she is under the shower, and stood up.