Dan Karaty is involved in a heavy accident

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The studioshow of Belgium’s Got Talent on Friday night on tv to see, it takes VTM’s been on Saturday night. But it almost came to a recording of a Saturday night out in the water. Dan Karaty was a Saturday, the previous day, namely, involved in a road traffic accident. said a member of the jury of Belgium’s Got Talent, in the back seat of a car, was asleep when the driver of the car hard and had to brake. Therefore, there were no less than 8 cars, the car in which Dan Karaty asleep. Karaty was, of course, in an instant, and was used by the emergency services is well taken care of. May have seen Dan Karaty’t want to be a cat for the pictures of the Belgium’s Got Talent, sending, and he was sure that he goes to the Ribbon is allowed to travel. Dan Karaty hit, fortunately not injured in the accident, but there is a big chance that he is today, and for the next two days, quite a lot of muscle you will have. The car in which he was transported, was, by the way, is a total loss.