Comments after the round fourteen in the Premier league (closed)

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Comments after the round fourteen in the Premier league (closed)

November 24, 2019 11:36
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In the Premier league are Sunday’s five games on the schedule: FC Groningen-Feyenoord (1-1), PSV eindhoven-sc Heerenveen (2-1), swansea city-FC Emmen (1-1), Sparta Rotterdam, Vitesse (16.45) and the VVV-Venlo-FC Twente (16.45). You can follow all the matches in this liveblog.

Good afternoon, and welcome to this liveblog! My name is Robbert van der Linde, and I will keep you informed of the latest developments in the Premier league-matches we have today.

  • Results:
  • FC Groningen-Feyenoord 1-1
  • PSV-Heerenveen 2-1
  • RKC-FC Emmen 1-to-1
  • Sparta-Vitesse 2-0
  • VVV-FC Twente 2-1

VVV-Venlo-FC Twente · 20 hours ago

The joy is in Venlo, the netherlands with the players, and the audience is huge. TOURIST passes by with the 2-1 victory at FC Twente and also to ADO Den Haag in the league table, and it is, therefore, on the second-to-last-place finish.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente · 31 minutes ago

The Jay Driessen and effect, in Venlo in the netherlands? Under the leadership of an interim successor for the departed Robert Maaskant wins the TOURIST office and finally even to the smiling faces of The model, which is the joy of this season so far was scarce.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente · 32 minutes ago

This really is another win for VVV
VVV-Venlo, after seven defeats in a row, we finally have a win in the Premier league. FC Twente, it appears the point of the bad set of People, who are in their own home, with a 2-1 win. Peter van Ooijen, and elias Soriano the goals, on behalf of the VVV, the Twente region is not aansluitingstreffer by Haris Vuckic. It was the first win in all competitions for the TOURIST office since the 14th of september.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente · 35 minutes ago itis over! The discharge is large in the Edge because the OT defeat to FC Twente with a 2-1 win at last back in the Premier league.Motor-Speed · 37 minutes ago

The players from the Short drop down the disappointed off. Thanks for the great start to the season, it is still a crisis in the netherlands, but in the last couple of weeks down the machine from a coach, Leonid Slutsky, emphatically.Motor-Short · 39 minutes ago

Sprint is suffering at the Race’s fourth defeat in a row
The race has a trainer Henk Fraser of a beautiful reunion with his old team, Ensuring that is delivered. In the End, in your own home, 2-0, to represent the people from arnhem, who are in their fourth defeat in a row on the receiving end. Bryan Smith, with an assist on the opening goal of the Jurgen Mattheij and a goal is to be the king of The Castle this evening. In Short-it makes Keisuke Honda is back in the Premier league, but the Japanese playmaker can be to the team, not an inspiration.Sparta-Vitesse · 43 minutes ago isthe Past! The trouble for the Speed to keep up with a 2-0 defeat at Sparta. In the End to ruin it, thereby, also the return of Keisuke Honda in the Premier league.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente-four hours geleden88′ Vuckic, what do you want to be there for the chance at the end to lie down. The midfielder from FC Twente, and has the ball in front of the wire, but it takes the ball to the goal. It is the luck which is what everyone outside of Twente, VVV, however, will have to give.The race-Short-one hour ago

Remko Pasveer point is the failure to look at the heavens. The Vitesse goalie with his team lose.Motor-Speed-four hours ago,83′ GOAL in the Race! 2-0

Finally, enjoy the Race on the Short space provided, and decide the contest. Bryan Smith is running for a low ball in from the right and slides the ball neatly into the corner. Sprint is going to be the fourth defeat in a row suffered.Motor-Speed-four-hour geleden80′ Is a great opportunity for Veldwijk to the game to decide on, but in the rush to chase the ball. It was his last action as he is replaced by Abel. Fraser is going to try for the 1-0 hold. In the Short of it, is the return of Honda to the Premier league in it, and Navarone Foor in order to the Japanese.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente-one hour ago

76′ for The first time in more than two months, the time is coming for VVV-Venlo, the netherlands. Still, a quarter of an hour the home team to survive against a not-too-vigorous, and playful Theatre.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente-four hours geleden71′ Ok on with the best chances in the second half. He shows pretty for the Devil, but they won’t hit the ball right at the Twente goalkeeper in.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente-four hours geleden68′ Judy is a very, very close to his second goal of the night. The header down from the top is just a bit too high. A moment later, even Haji Wright’s 3-1 in his shoes, but he has to shoot in front of.Motor-Speed-four-hour geleden67′ Fumbling around in the Vitesse defence, and delivers a schietkans to Smith on the. He will shoot at you, but it may not be for a long time continue to be for the people from arnhem.Motor-Speed-four-hour geleden64 Also Ensuring that it is desperately looking for the equalizer. The people from arnhem to give this some room way in the back, where Veldwijk nearly the benefit from it. Pasveer will be the commitment from the top, and keeps his team in the game.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente-four hours geleden58′, FC Twente, and is curious in search of the equalizer, and urges the TOURIST to go back to their own half. This means that there will be a yellow wall, for the Tukkers and the purpose of the Cherry. A small hole, it is difficult to find, but Twente still has a lot more than half-an-hour to The castle is a successful to jump.Motor-Speed-four-hour geleden59′ we can be back in the Premier league event, with the final on behalf of Sprint. The efforts of the Japanese people, it is not bad at all, but Harush is given a hand behind it, and the ball does not reach a Final foot is asleep.Motor-Speed-four-hour geleden52′ Matavz and blasts it hard to the purpose of the Race. It is a small miracle in the Go of the ball at all in the direction of goal, but he will be disappointed that Harush is the ball under the bar from tapping.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente-four hours geleden46 in the Fridge, the second half has started. TOURIST information is on the first points, on 14 september, however, Twente is not going to be at the table.Motor-Speed-four-hour geleden46, ” The ball is rolling once again at The Castle. Does the Race of the lead is fixed, or it may be Short, the sight of peace or on the edge?Motor-Speed · 2 hours ago

What is going on with Sprint for the last couple of weeks? The team from Arnhem, the best start to the season ever, but has lost three times in a row and is now behind him. Also, Keisuke Honda may be the tide, not reverse it.Motor-Speed · 2 hours ago

The race is also the most feared force in the Premier league: 8 out of the 23 Spartan goals were created by the mind. Only, THE minutes will come with a six-kopgoals close.Motor-Speed · 2 hours ago

Jurgen Mattheij seconds of the Race lead at Sprint. Even though it was somewhat against the relationship, it may not come as a surprise to be called that. After the Players are thirteen and a-Z (eleven) takes up the Race even this season, it is often the first pipe (of the nine), though it should be noted, however, that the domestic and Alkmaarders advantage of considerably more years.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

The players from the TOURIST office to celebrate the feast of the FC Twente one another face to look at. The goal of Haris Vuckic have made the Tukkers, perhaps, is the belief in a good outcome, however, is again noted.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

Elia Soriano is the headline of the second, Hilly hit in. This is the second competitietreffer, on behalf OT the crowd. First, he made the first-ever round at his side, at the beginning of August.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente · 2 hours agoto Rest. Also in Venlo, the netherlands, the players of the carved-out oranges. OT live here in luxury, after the goal, Peter van Ooijen, and Elijah Judy, at 2-0 coming. A goal by Haris Vuckic just before half-time shuffle in the second half and once again at night.Motor-Speed · 2 hours agoto Rest. The teams will go to the high tea Rotterdam, the netherlands. Ensuring that the parent is a party, but it’s the Race that’s a head start to go back to the locker room, thanks to a brilliant header by Jurgen Mattheij.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente · 2 hours ago –42′ GOAL for FC Twente. 2-1

That’s a victory for the TOURIST have not been received, it is equally proven. Haris Vuckic will play themselves, is free, is an information advocate and slide in a cool for the aansluitingstreffer of Twente within. The clubtopscorer to do it again for the Tukkers.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente · 2 hours ago –36′ GOAL of the VVV-Venlo! 2-0

OT grab and doubled the margin by Elia Soriano. Play a Friend Pachonik with a sharp cross in from the cornervlag the head of the Italian, German, and one of the first pole, do not touch the headline. This Is the Jay Driessen and effect, in Venlo in the netherlands? The interim coach will, in any case, from the top of the joy of the game.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente · 2 hours ago –34′ GOAL of the VVV-Venlo! 1-0

The haunted TOURIST is recovering perfectly from a weak opening. Evert Linthorst, the depth of filed and the ball is already rolling for you. On the edge of the penalty area but it is Peter van Ooijen is completely free, and that he will shoot the ball to fit tightly in the corner, next to the ground and nailed His Devil.Motor-Speed · 2 hours ago there areup to 30 GOAL of the Race! 1-0

The Race-mars-echoes through the stadium, and that can only mean one thing: the Race score for The Castle! After a quickly taken corner, swing by Bryan Smith, the ball-and he is the head of Jurgen Mattheij. The central defender nodded the ball very precisely into the far bottom corner.Motor-Speed · 2-hour geleden29 ” The competition, in addition, there is a bit more in the end. Rayhi gets out and does it quite fast. The ball zooms past the post and, therefore, is the very snoekduik of the Pasveer is not necessary.PSV-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago

Van Bommel is cherished by her victory, despite collapse
Mark van Bommel is seen that the difference between the first and the second half when his team was enormous, but the PSV coach would like to stress that it is only the victory that counts. “When you are six times in a row, don’t win, you should be happy to know that we finally have the three dots at the bottom. The first half was really good, with seven -, eight -, even nine good chances. In the second half to get a goal against them, that’s bad luck. In those days it was very difficult, because the ball is always wrong and fell. Then you have to fight, and that is cost effective. Ultimately, you have to be happy that His (Unnerstall, ed.). a few of the balls out of it. Also, if topploeg keep you for ninety minutes of professional football will never be fixed.”VVV-Venlo-FC Twente · a 2-hour geleden19′ Nakamura goochelt themselves on the left of the two men, and kogelt hit the ball hard in the direction of the target. To the Japanese, and the whole of FC Twente, has the bad luck that the ball is on the lower side of the crossbar back into the field and in the jumps.Club · 2 hours ago

Just like all the other matches this weekend, were also Sprta, Vitesse, VVV and FC Twente, with their men at the front with a moment in which all of the players are at complete stand-still.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente · a 2-hour geleden15 Also in Venlo, the netherlands, is opening up for the visiting team. Captain Grant’s, on behalf of Twente and is close to a goal, but his header skims right over it.Motor-Speed · 2-hour geleden15′ Vitesse ‘ is the master of the Castle in the opening stages. The team from Arnhem, dominated most of the possession and Buitink, it is closest to the opening goal. The rebound of the young striker’s spat, however, look at the post.VVV-Venlo-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

The players from VVV-Venlo and FC Twente will drop for the start of the game, the well-known stairs of the stadium, and The Cool-down. The home team is in the bad range for a halt to the promise, against the Tukkers?PSV-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago

Bergwijn was still a while to go
Steven Bergwijn deliver to the PSV in his long-awaited comeback against Wigan, immediately winning with two goals. The attacker is happy that he has his injuries behind him, have left. “It went really well, and I’ve had no symptoms over the course of the game,” said Bergwijn at FOX Sports. “I know that I don’t have the whole game to be playing, and I had it set. I’d actually like to go, but the coach switched me to right. I understand, also, he protects me a little bit. Sometimes you’ll hit hurt, that’s what happens in football. You can just continue to work hard, and hope for a comeback, such as it is today.”Premier league · 3 hours ago, theKick-off! It was kicked off in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Are there going to be changes on the ranking list?Premier league · 3 hours ago

A couple of minutes to go in the final two matches of the last rounds from the start. In the Race-Ensuring that we are witnessing the return of Keisuke Honda in the Premier league. His old team, VVV-Venlo, take it at the same time against FC Twente.His side for tourists · 3 hours ago, itwill be over! After a very up on the end of a period. The number last of the League has played for a long period of time, with ten men, but scores are finally in the sixth minute of injury time.His side for tourists · 3 hours ago,90+6′ GOAL for his side! 1-to-1

Nevertheless, it is still a point for his side! The time is already passed, but the Sow just tap on there to be inside.PSV-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 3-hour geledenPSV lost in the past six (!) the matches of the points, but in taste it is now finally time for the good of the planet.PSV-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 3 hours ago, itwill be over! PSV eindhoven survived the final assault from sc Heerenveen) and pull out the victory, crossing the finish line. The team will win thanks to two goals from Steven Bergwijn in the first half.PSV-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 3-hour geleden90+5 to the Last minute! It is billenknijpen for the player, but the team seems to be the they need to survive.PSV-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 3-hour geleden90+3 in the late evening, go to the front in the corner, but the ball is poor.PSV-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 3-hour geleden90+2 ” There was Times almost to have the chance to make the decision, but he just doesn’t have the ball.Back to top

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