Willem II are in the second half with a comfortable lead in the ADO

f008f94eb92e3f16eba50ce5672f75e8 - Willem II are in the second half with a comfortable lead in the ADO

Willem II are in the second half with a comfortable lead in the ADO

November 23, 2019 18:06
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The Club are Saturday, four matches on the schedule: Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo (4-1), FC Utrecht-AZ (0 TO 3), PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard (3-1) and-ADO Den Haag-Willem II started at 20: 45) and Follow our liveblog.


  • 20.45: the ADO and Willem II (1-3)


  • FC Utrecht-AZ-0 to 3
  • Ajax-Heracles 4-1
  • THE-Fortuna 3-1

Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · 7 hours ago

“That’s great for these players to work on
“We had assumed that they were, but they were a little bit different. We will be there, not nervous at all, but we had to get used to it. There is still room for us, and then we can see that they are considered to be vulnerable,” says the Ajax coach Erik ten Hag on FOX Sports. “It’s great to get these players to work with. These players have the qualities to be in this game, it is also possible to carry out. About Noussair Mazraoui I can’t tell you. Our staff is already working on it.”ADO Den Haag-Willem II · is a 13-minute geleden68′ Because of ADO’s more, to take risks, and to Willem II plenty of room for the game to make the throw. 1-4, the visitor is more in the air than a aansluitingstreffer of the Hague.Ajax-Heracles Almelo, the netherlands · 14 minutes ago

“Whether I’m in Ajax right back to go play with them? Haha, no, I don’t think so,” says Quincy Promes on FOX Sports. “I’m trying to Ziyech, and the ball is supposed to look. He knows of my receivers. I think that this season will be pretty heads, well, yes. I like the fact that this season can often get away with it on the head with it.”Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · 23 hours ago

Dessers, ” That group of people is not normal
“It’s really hard to do this Year. Even if they’re sloppy, they’re playing that easy. Which group of people is really not normal. If you do that, the words of Hakim Ziyech looks. How is that possible?” ask Cyriel Dessers is with FOX Sports. “I’m not very happy right now, but still, it’s nice that I have scored myself.”ADO Den Haag-Willem II · a 26-minute geleden55′ GOAL for Willem II!!! 1-3

After having a nice Greek combination to restore wilhelm II in the margin of two goals. Pavlidis scores indicate Vrousai, and makes it his second of the night.PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 28 minutes ago

THE win through Luck
PEC Zwolle was booked for a very important thuiszege in Luck: 3-1. Thanks to goals from Saymak, Call the Association and be Thy love for the team, Stegeman points in your own home. On behalf of a Fortune did the Damascan to give something back. THE nip in the booth Stood back, and is now a teacher. The People stay here as the world’s number sixteen, but it is just the top of the nacompetitiestreep.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · 30 minutes ago

Creativity: “Try my words, to give
“We’re going to play a lot at the end of the play, I can be as an extra midfielder and play”, says following his departure to chelsea Daley Blind at FOX Sports. “I will try and take my words to give you. The goal from Labyad, the space is put to good use. We are not in war, an enemy that is busy, but you always have to do just to see how they are. It was strange, but then, we’re converted.”ADO Den Haag-Willem II · 33 minutes and geleden49′ GOAL is to ADO! 1-2

ADO, on the way back into the game. Necid makes a proposal, of Summerville, the aansluitingstreffer.PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard · the 34-minute geleden90+3′ GOAL in the ACADEMY! 3-1

Deep into the added time, the final decision was made. The German striker Lennart Thy care for the finale.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the 34-minute geledenCyriel Dessers are scored are ninth Premier league goal of the season, but that was purely for the stats.

“It’s good that I scored, but very, very happy, and I’m not”


AuteurHeracles AlmeloMoment of plaatsen21:51 am – november 23, 2019ADO Den Haag-Willem II · 35 minutes geleden46 The second half, in The Hague, has begun. The ADO form, Some of the features of Hay out of the field to be removed and replaced with Falkenburg.PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard · the 38-minute geleden89′ GOAL Luck. 2-1

Damascan seconds to touch off a cross from the Diemers. So, We get yet even more exciting slotminuten in Zwolle, the netherlands!Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo-one hour ago

The past! Ajax post back to a large thuiszege. Heracles is 4-1 and will be set aside by the Premier league-top of the league. It is up to the team coach Erik ten Hag is the eighth victory in a row in the league.

Ajax Amsterdam-Heracles Almelo 4-1
1-0 Promes (26′)
2-0 Labyad (56′)
3-0 Promes (60′)
4-0 Huntelaar (87′)
4-1 Dessers (90′)Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden90+2 ” We’ve got two minutes to go in extra time. Ajax want a penalty after an alleged hands of Orestis Kiomourtzoglou, but that doesn’t happen.ADO Den Haag-Willem II-one hour ago

The state with the ADO, said there won’t be any less. Halfway through watching the had team at a 0-2 deficit against Willem II.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo-four hours ago –a 90′ GOAL, Heracles! 4-1

Dest is, this time very firmly in the wrong, and we are able to Dessers on. The striker runs on to Onana and shoot the ball into the corner.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geledenVoor the statistics, but 4-0 seems to be out of the Huntelaar, who with the ball and still hit it after the shot is from the Dest.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo-four hours ago,87′ GOAL, and Ajax. 4-0

Dest, making his first goal for Ajax. The substitute receives the ball from Huntelaar, shoots fast, and is a player of Heracles Almelo, the netherlands and Huntelaar in the corner.ADO Den Haag-Willem II · one-hour geleden39′ GOAL for Willem II!!! 0 to 2

It was inevitable: the second goal is scored by Willem II. Pavlidis doubled the advantage from the might of the people of tilburg.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden81′ Last change year: Hakim Ziyech is going to get to the end, and Razvan Martin is on the field.PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geleden65′ GOAL in the ACADEMY! 2-0

THE looks of the game is to make the decision. Bel Hassani scored after Clement, the ball is in the middle of Fortune have been intercepted.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden74′ United will once again have a great chance at 3-1. The first boxes Onana dangerous to cross the road, and then reads Schuurs in a ball on the line.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden73 Two chances for Ajax’s 4-0, but falling in this type of attack is not. The first will Blaswich a bet from Lisandro Martinez, and then it hit Donny van de Beek of the zijnet. Meanwhile, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar on the field for Labyad, who suffered from leg cramps.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo-one hour ago

In each one to see it this weekend in the Premier league, and as well as today, the Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, ArenA.PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geleden58′ RED Ghoochannejhad!

It’s ten to ten in Zwolle, the netherlands. THE attacker Reza Ghoochannejhad is given after the intervention, the value of red after a hard charge at the Fortuna, captain Jorrit Smeets.ADO Den Haag-Willem II · one-hour geleden27, ” It’s a small miracle that it is still only from 0 to 1 for Willem II. Both of Nunnely, when Pavlidis failing eye-to-eye with the goalkeeper Koopmans.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden68′ Dest is the right major for the Year. Cyriel Dessers will be a huge chance for 3-1, but the division of United-the mirror (at about seven feet from the target), and passes through the base of Dest is still on.PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands one hour ago

52′ By Ciss tried to referee Joey Kooij yet to no avail mind. Ten people are watching a Fortune in Zwolle, the netherlands can still have a 1-0 gap of.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden67′ Noussair Mazraoui is going to be on the grass, and you can’t go on. The play will be replaced by the Sergiño Dest.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden64 For the third time to submit Ziyech, the ball is in the second post down, for the Promes, which is the Dutch international has not scored from them. Blaswich, reverses the sagging of commitment.ADO Den Haag-Willem II · one-hour geleden21 is Almost double for Willem II in the lead. Koopmans, just like his hand against a bet on Köhlert.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo-one hour ago

The Players will celebrate with a party, and after a goal is scored in the Premier league. The Locals are all in 46 matches this season.PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geleden46′ get The ball rolling again in the city of Zwolle. The home side will defend a 1-0-lead against the ten men of Fortune.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo-four hours ago,a 60′ GOAL, and Ajax. 3-0

We have a hard time with the description of the 1-0 keys to copy. Ziyech puts the ball into the box a lot of sense in the second post, and again, make Promes the edge of the box. This time, he does it with his feet, and that’s a big difference.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo-four hours ago,56′ GOAL, and Ajax. 2-0

There is now 2-0 on Year. Labyad out a tough ball in nicely after a nice pass from the Left.ADO Den Haag-Willem II · one-hour geleden12′ GOAL for Willem II!!! From 0 to 1

Willem II are coming soon to the lead in The Hague, the netherlands. The defender Freek Heerkens over to the front and shoot at the reference to Che Nunnely touch.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden52′ Promes, is the other end of a city to attack, but the winger shoots, the ball goes over the goal.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the 2-hour geleden50 ” An attack of Heracles is defended by Ajax and provides a quick counter is on. Tagliafico may end up shot, but that shot is blocked and makes a big impact with some of the players. The game is silent for a moment, but no orders or serious injuries, be resumed.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the 2-hour geleden46 ” We are playing football in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Ajax was leading 1-0 at Heracles Almelo.Premier league · 2-hour geledenEen with its clumsy action, Marco van Basten, with the words ‘Sieg heil’ is the German, by Hans Kraay’s ridiculous to be made. The senior analyst provides you with a quick and then have to apologize.

@Heico1980 Marco van Basten called Sieg-Heil, after an interview with Hans Kraaij (in German)


AuteurDennis BeerenMoment of plaatsen20:42 am – november 23, 2019PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago

PEACE of mind: 1-0

By the early hit of the Saymak is allowed to Zwolle to a 1-0 lead eventually to rest. Due to the red card, Ciss will make it very difficult for Luck to get a good result out of the fire, and fingerprints.ADO Den Haag-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden2 After the voetballoze a minute account of the fight against racism, it has no trouble, the ball is now in The Hague, the netherlands. The team needs the points desperately to the bottom of the road, Willem II will want to continue joining them at the end.PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard · the 2-hour geleden42′ RED to By Ciss!

Stood with the ten men continued to. The striker’s claims for a penalty, it will not, and will kick in after that, out of frustration, after in the direction of Van Wermeskerken. It provides with the Senegalese with a direct red card.ADO Den Haag-Willem II · a 2-hour geledenOver 10 minutes late in the game tonight between ADO Den Haag and Willem II. Here are the line-ups:

ADO: Koopmans,; Muringen, Beugelsdijk, debit cards, to the point!; After all, a Baker’s, Plenty; Summerville, Necid, and Hay.

William II: Wellenreuther; Heerkens, Holmén, a and Peters, Nelom; Saddiki, Llonch, Ndayishimiye; Nunnely, Pavlidis, Köhlert.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · 2 hours ago

It’s peace of mind! Ajax has, once again, is not easy, with Heracles, but the Locals lead by 1-0, thanks to a brilliant header from Quincy Promes.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the 2-hour geleden45+2 ” There it is, almost the end. Labyad wants to terugkoppen in Onana, but Dessers on the head. The head of Heracles to shoot at the Ajax net to.Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the 2-hour geleden43′ Zakaria Labyad is on the right-hand side, and pulls it out, but they stay Blaswich will get the shot.FC Utrecht-AZ · 2 hours ago

AZ wins and continues to track that of the leader Ajax amsterdam
A-Z book is a remarkably simple uitzege FC Utrecht 0-3. Koopmeiners, and Idrissi scored before the break, after a rest, made a brand new international is still doing it and there is 0 to 3, from. AZ is, after 14 games of 32 points and keep Players at 35 points from 13 matches), so for the first time. Ajax, you can if you win at United, the gap of six points to be back up and running.
Ajax amsterdam-Heracles Almelo · the 2-hour geleden38 Little moments of excitement in the last minutes in Amsterdam, the netherlands. Ajax has to do with the ball and looking for openings, but to Heracles Almelo in the love of the camera.Back to top

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