The last mission is for the Frances Lefebure

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In the last episode of the first season, to Make Belgium a Great Driving set at the beginning of the beauty in question, to bring them to Nidhi finally got in touch with the saviour, Luc, and take them back to the Big Blind to see a Drop from last week.

Well-known figures, allow the filter to have a more realistic ideal of beauty

Due to the extensive use of social media, which is beautiful depicted in the image, and even edited the photos posted, are struggling, young people are increasingly using their self-esteem. Thus, it is an unrealistic beauty ideal is maintained and young people feel insecure.

To Make Belgium Great Again, and went in search of the 5 influential figures, who are role models for their responsibilities, and are on their way to the fight against fake beauty. Dina Tersago, She Of the de Veire, Instagram-influencer, and self-declared “vetrolmodel” He Gabias, a 20-year-old Youtube phenomenon of the Acid, and, at the beginning to this time, the filter is completely avoided. She’s posing without any make-up, some clothes, and to be as honest a picture as possible of themselves.

Dina Tersago: “I would like to be involved, because I think it’s the most important thing for young people to know that not every morning you get up. Often we have a distorted view of what beauty is. Last year, I posted a picture of on-line hate you for your program. I have had so many comments from people that I thought to myself: “wáááát? I do, however, put things into perspective, as a person of 16 years of age to comment on his appearance, you can hear that are the world.”

She is Of the Veire: “Believe me when I say, each and every day in the mirror one more time, and we will be able to look at it is a win for me. I live and work so hard, do not like to be seen, it is so hard to be hated. That is, my life has really taken over in every possible way that I can, at all the small steps in which I consider myself to be “ok” to find… it’s a huge step forward for me. I want to use my platform to use all of the discussion and its normal for other people.”