Next week, two of the times, the Farmer Seeks a Woman of The World

310b652530f48aec08de7fad3b21664a - Next week, two of the times, the Farmer Seeks a Woman of The World

In the second-to-last episode of “Farmer seeks Wife” Around The World on Monday the 25th of november, the farmers and their chosen ladies and the chance to see each other, to get to know better on a romantic trip. Or, at the very least, the intent.
Etienne, Rebecca barter, Santa Antao, in a different Kaapverdisch island of Santo Vincente, is where the love for each other, it can burst. In the beautiful market town of Mindelo takes on Etienne, But to one of his firm favourites.
Stephen and Evelyn set foot on land in Montreal, the second largest city of the country. After a busy and intense week, not three, but four women, the two are to each other, and now, in all the peace and quiet to really get to know. It gives Stephan is finally exposed?
In Bulgaria, it felt Rani is already a light curve for Australia. The young duo will be staying in a cosmopolitan golf & beach resort. Curious to see if Victor’s is a hole-in-one will score goals.
Jim and Marianne were in the rondtrippen, and enjoy the Finnish nature at Torassieppi. The two share a love of the great outdoors, and are now trying to find out if they also have, in addition to their hobbies and each other’s perfect match.