Laura Tesoro with all its limits

db7d280811a141360c90065a2006b04f - Laura Tesoro with all its limits

Her debut album ‘Limits’, there was a couple of weeks ago at the third position of the Ultratop in and fell quickly, but this week’s rises, the debut album from Laura Tesoro back from 20 to 17. Young, Laura Tesoro has five years to make her debut, and there was a good reason for that: they first wanted to know what musical direction she was going.

For her part in ‘Love of Music, and it has to be clear of fact. “Not until after ” the Love For the Music, I felt that I was finally ready to go. I think it’s a matter of self-confidence, and at the same time, to realize that I was in a position to take a picture to make,” says Laura Tesoro this week, in a “Hello”. The 23-year-old singer was from the one on the other day and a huge boost thanks to ‘The Voice Van Vlaanderen’. That they are only a few years later by the VTM has been asked for, to Love, To Music, to take part in it, that it was for Laura Tesoro is a great honor. “However, I decided at that time to be very uncertain for Spain. I didn’t think I belonged among those artists. People have also said out loud that I was not to find was. Not a good feeling right from the start. But afterwards, people said that I have them in a Love For Music, and was able to convince them of my ability. I was so happy,” says Laura Tesoro this week, in a “Hello”.