All I Can Say is the tragic story of Shannon Hoon


All I Can Say is the tragic story of Shannon HoonAll I Can Say is the tragic story of Shannon Hoon

In the stories that you have in the end is already known, you will have more attention to what’s on the road, it happened. So, too, in the documentary, All I Can Say is that you get a more intimate glimpse at the life of Shannon Hoon.

Maybe the name does not ring when you’re doing simultaneously, but you’re definitely familiar with his music. The song No Rain is the one that scored Those with his band, Blind Melon in 1992, as a hit single. This is in part due to the wonderful video clip of the bijenmeisje. All of this seems to be a good starting point for a glittering career, but, unfortunately, it runs into the reality is different.

In 1995, and died Shannon Hoon to a drug overdose of cocaine. That is, one month after his 28th birthday, so he will not be eligible for the infamous club of 27. The story of his life shows, however, is very much in line with the members of the club. There have been successes, the friendships, challenges and substance abuse.

The Camera

What’s special here is that Shannon Hoon, all of these experiences are recorded with a Hi8 camera, which he almost never did. It’s a huge store up to 200 hours of video by the film director Danny Clinch, with the help of Taryn, Gould, and Colleen Hennessy returned to be a documentary of a little more than an hour and a half. All I Can Say is the images that Those are made up. As a result, the images are raw and authentic about it. You are truly a part of the life of a rock star who was struggling with several demons, but there is also room for the music.

The story actually goes on in a traditional manner. Thanks for the friendship, Shannon Hoon, with Axl Rose and arranges Those as a record deal with a major label, and the hit single ‘ No Rain, looks like it’s a success to get in the way. The band should be on tour with, among others, Neil Young. However, something is wrong.


In addition to the images of a young band that the wind is going to be like that Shannon Hoon has a problem with authority, and is prone to substance abuse. If you’re in the back of my mind the lyrics of the songs for listening on you will have soon realised that this was an explosive mixture. In addition to a tragic personal story, the film is a stunning portrait of the late 90’s. We have seen the popularity of alternative music and grunge, and the time that MTV was able to determine the numbers of hits were made.

All I Can Say is premiered in the DOCUMENTARY, and has been at the festival many times to see it.