Son of Karl Vannieuwkerke is in the hospital

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Bad luck for Karl Vannieuwkerke, and his girlfriend, and their son, Jack, The, in the hospital of Bruges is included. Prior to this year, born the son, has suffered from DEFAULT, and that is, of course, is not pleasant at all. Luckily, Jack and The lovely parents that is really all there is to him, and that will be a less attractive communication, however, in a good way. “I definitely wanted to come back to a place where I can have a little seven months ago, I was born. But don’t like this one. I’m a bit of a ziekjes,” he writes, dad, Karl, on Instagram, in the name of his son. “It was something with three letters, and it is a very complicated name. I can make it hard to breathe and it needs a lot of coughing. Those test tubes and the darmpjes I think it’s anoying. That’s the stamp I have, if the opportunity presents itself. Just arrived a very nice gentleman to assist me to breathe. I will probably have a few more days, and mom’s and dad’s as well. It will sleep here is to make the turn. But, stay strong.”