James Cooke is a professional cheerleader

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The Battle is on for James Cooke, Gert Verhulst, Katja Schuurman, and Najib Amhali. They’re standing in tomorrow on Saturday the 23rd of november, again for the four crazy missions in the second installment of The game. James is a professional cheerleader and have three hard moves, it can carry out. Flexibility, endurance, and strength are very important in cheer-leading, but James also has these properties? “I’ve got a very, very motivating, coaching a team, I’m too fat, I have a hollow back, and I’m walking like a duck, and I don’t have the strength … and that’s all going to be cheerleaders-to-be (laughs).”

Katja needs a small breeze to pick up, and in an egg holder to put with it is a dangerous machine. And that creates a lot of stress, because they have never seen such a large machine and sat down, “This is really not a matter for me. If I were a piece of cake out of the fridge, grab it, then I will that the ovum is often piece of it with my hands. I’m not much of a baby’s fine motor skills (he laughs). I think it’s dangerous to be in the studio, as I do, everything is broken. ”

Najibs life is on the line, as he should be, with a trialmotor an obstacle course to overcome: “When I go to my coach and his trialbike take a look, it’s like I have to go to the Champions League and take a look, and I’m just an amateur. I’m not easily scared, but this is a whole different kettle of fish. I have to force myself to concentrate, concentrate, concentrate.”