Fans, Bauer is in a panic

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What’s wrong with the dog?Wednesday night was for Bauer to be seen in the “What a day” on tv. The lead singer, it was a fun day, followed by a camera crew, and there were pictures to show the fans of the Dutch singer is upset: his dog is the Lourdes with a wheelchair around, and that’s something that the fans have questions to ask. On Instagram will give Bauer a bit of explanation. “Lourdes has been 3 days and rolstoeltje as they have during the past summer, an FCE have been. (fibro cartilagineuze embolism, also known as ruggenmerginfarct to be called). Therefore, both legs paralyzed, and now, after months of every-week race is doing to the rights in connection with the display, but the left is clearly lower. Months and her muscles are not used, there is muscle weakness arise, and we hope to see her rolstoeltje that it is time for her muscles to start to build up, and might be again able to go for a walk . She has a non-slip socks so that they have a good grip on that, her legs unable to openhalen. We need a lot of exercise and it’s to use a wheelchair to build up. In the meantime she can be quite a deal with her hondenrolstoeltje, and she is very happy with it,” says the French fans, not to worry.