Coldplay wants to be the only carbon-neutral tour

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Fans of Coldplay will today be without a doubt, enjoy the new music from the album “Everyday Life” that is today, but for the time being they will be in Chris Martin and his bandmates to not take the Sting should be expected. Chris Martin has let it be known that he will be on tour wants to be like Coldplay this is a carbon-neutral way of doing it. The chance that this will happen is very small, except in the british media and the image they have in mind would be to give up. On a tour to hear many, many thousands of miles of travel, not just to the group, as well as the technical crew. Often, before many of the tour buses and trucks. And then there’s the issue of the thousands of people who sign up for each and every concert and need to move on. A carbon-neutral tour, you will not have to wait until tomorrow to be.