The Temptation of Laura is breaking up with leaders

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Laura, Moenaert, from Temptation Island to do it on Instagram regularly and have a Q&A, and give a straight answer to the questions that people ask.
In the most recent Q&A, someone asked the question of which of the tempter in Temptation Island was the best. “No. I’m not a male seducer, on the day of contact after the Band.” And that’s where Laura, in her own words-for two reasons. “Because I don’t really have a click, from Temptation Island to be with someone, and second, because there are a few of the leaders really in the firing were there.”
Names to do with Laura, but they are not a representative picture of the male leaders. “They are trying to a lot of people are against each other. Some of them are only interested in getting to see Roger in black or Cardy black, to make it through all the fiction to go on and tell it to others. With some people I have no friends, to build up,” adds Laura continued.