The Planckaerts to move from the VTM to the VRT

The Planckaerts to move from the VTM to the VRT

In January the start of One of the recordings of the new Château, a Planckaert. Therein follows One of the family, Planckaert, during an exciting and adventurous challenge, to go from a derelict chateau in France, is a beautiful chambre d’hôte, to make. Chateau Planckaert, it tells a story about dreams and hope, and learn how to deal with hardship, and the unbreakable bond within a family.

Olivier, Goris, network manager First, and The story of the Planckaerts, it is a personal matter, but at the same time, so universal. No matter what happens in life, the support of friends and family is really important, and difficult, and on sunny times. Chateau Planckaert is very simple and identifiable a television. Dream about it and feel it, notice it, and put back together to get up. Very pleased to see that we are in the dream of the Planckaerts will be able to participate live in One.

Everyone is familiar with the family, Planckaert, however: the former professional cyclist Eddy Planckaert (61) and his wife, Christa (62), and their children, children-in-law, and grandchildren, Francesco, (37), and Magali (34) Devon, (13) And Noah (11), and Yukka (9); Stephanie (30) and Christopher (33), with Iluna (14), Mageno (11) and Elara (4); Junior (27). Then there’s the 93-year-old Clare, Christa’s mother. Just like any family, they have ups and downs are well-known: the glory of the top of Eddy’s cycling career, but also to the heavy fall later on. However, they are right scrawled, thanks to each others support.

That strong bond is still there: the Planckaerts to support each other unconditionally in all that they undertake. The large-scale project that is Eddy’s, and Driving in to have been taken In an impulsive mood bought them last year, and a castle of king Louis XV, to make a cosy bed out of it. However, there is one big problem: the castle has a totaalrenovatie is required. In case of a fire in 2015, it was on the roof of the building is completely gone and the inside had been destroyed. Fortunately, the new lords of home renovations.

Eddy and Driving: “It’s always been a dream for us to get out of the daily rat race. In a series of setbacks, provided, however, that there is not a lot of room to get to their dreams, and with a growing family to stretch you won’t be away from their familiar surroundings. That’s why those plans are on the move. However, during a vacation in France, she and we burned the castle, and the rest is history (smile). We are very much looking forward to the days, weeks, and months, and we are allowed to spend time in France, working together with one goal. It will, of course, there are discussions, challenges and verbouwingsstress… but our true strength lies in the family.”