The new single, Milow

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The netherlands releaset his brand new single, ‘Nobody Needs You Like I Do. The song was recorded during the “Lean Into Me” from a session in California, usa. The netherlands has invited two of his best friends – Tom Vanstiphout (Bryan Ferry), and producer Jo Francken (Tamino, Zaz) – to record songs in LA. They were all there, together, at Milows house in Venice, is a 20-minute bike ride away from 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica.

As well as ‘Lay Your Worry Down (feat. Matt Simons)’ returns to the Netherlands on the ‘Nobody Needs You Like I Do “” back to his roots as a singer-songwriter. He’s going to go back to his original style of music-writing, that he is personal, themes, and knows how to translate them into beautiful, universal, hymns, and that his 2009 international breakthrough.