Site, let the schools are gender-sensitive, with Sinterklaaslied

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Pieterjan and the Proportion of the kidspopduo Week spent recently with their brand new single, ” Do the Sintershake and make it the end of the genderstereotype of the choices for toys for the kids.
The single and accompanying dance moves have been a success, with many of St. intredes, and in the school. And that’s exactly the target audience that Blizzard wants to accomplish with their statement. For children gender-sensitive to the launch of the boys lesbundel tips & tricks for around the membership gender and for all Flemish primary schools. In co-operation with Rosa a non-profit organisation, knowledge centre for gender issues and feminism (s), goes to Pieterjan on scholentoer on the basis of an interactive game for school children, more gender-sensitive, to make. And, of course, we are going to dance at the Sintershake,” said Pieterjan. In the meantime, already have about a 100 schools are registered as gendershake school. Schools will be able to easily register

“Fortunately, many of the children that play them. For example, my parents have no problem with it if I can get a pop in the St early in the morning. This is, unfortunately, a lot of families are not like that.’, says Pieterjan of the Week. ‘Even in the chain stores and toy makers, there is still a lot of work to be done,” adds Proportion and further, that himself, a teacher in the primary school, ‘a lot of kids in my class dare often don’t have other choices out of peer pressure or because it has been generally supposed to be.”

That’s done by playing into their songs and like to have a message to pass on to the children, it is not a new one. ‘We think it is very important to the children in a fun way, to make it clear that everyone can and should be. So, we are singing the same word in the song.”