John Destadsbader to hear his Golden Buzzer for the first time

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This is a unique moment in the fourth studioshow of Belgium’s Got Talent: the Player Destadsbader to meet his Golden Buzzer, an opera singer, Camille, for the first time. It is one of the Golden Buzzer, which is Normal for him to chose. It Is a Minute moment made a profound impression on Camilles beautiful voice? Last week, danced with them, C-FAM is in the urban quarter to make the final. Any candidate who inserts in the spotlight since Friday, still have to add to it? After the fourth studioshow is Belgium’s Got Talent is a week away, as on Friday, the 29th of november is the highlight of Red Nose Day by 2019, with a large slotshow.

Camille Beniest (15 – Keerbergen) came out six years ago to audition to participate in Belgium’s Got Talent, but without success. In the meantime, she is 15, and she picks up everyone with her impressive operastem. On Friday she sang for the first time, for a Minute, and that creates additional stress. “I hope that I will be proud to know him you can make it,” she says. Rhythmic gymnast
Lieselotte Diels At 26 – So let her act in the studioshows the familiar hoops for them. They came up with an entirely new brand with new attributes: a bow and arrow. “Sexier, more exciting, and more dangerous”, she says. There will be a big hit?

With their plaid overalls, bolhoedjes, and funky dance moves made, 2SDC, Junior Crew: 11-16 – Mechelen, everyone is happy during their audition. The young danscrew hopes to be there on Friday again to be a success. They have added an extra element to their work, to take them to the next level. John’s Harmony (19 – Asse (belgium), became passionate about ancient music, and he wants to breathe new life into. In addition, he also wants to prove that autism is not a disability don’t have to be this: “you may not have to limit what you want to do, or who you want to be.” His words will appear on Friday, with a lot of self-confidence to take the stage with a song by John Denver, Leaving On A Jet Plane.