A 20-year Hall of fame to honor belgium to become to live a life full of music

3140a31a7fe27ac7020cb6e04cbed89e - A 20-year Hall of fame to honor belgium to become to live a life full of music

Radio 2 and the Sabam for Culture celebration on Thursday, march 19, 2020 with a 20-year Hall of fame. At the annual party for life will be full of music this time, including belgium to become absorbed in to The baseball Hall of fame. Jan Leyers and Paul Michiels receive this award for their role in and impact on the Flemish music. Last year it fell off, that glory of the turn of singer/songwriter Guido Belcanto-singer and composer Henny Vrienten.

In the cafe, ‘t-Square in 1986, the crossing of the walks of live, of Jan Leyers and Paul Michiels for the first time, and the seed is for belgium to become will be prepared. That night, point the Jan to Paul’s prophetic words: “You and I, we are going to take over the world”. And they did it well! In 1988, they released ” The way to your heart out. This number allows belgium to become well-known in the whole of Europe, and even in the US, and there are more than 700 000 copies of their debut album, ‘It takes two’ out of the door. There are a number of successful years with the Heat as a second successful album, a trip to the USA, and in 1993, a state in belgium to become the support act for Sting, for his European tour, a unique event in the Belgian history of music. After a hiatus of more than ten years, and their recovery since 2008. Need for belgium to become in the Hall of fame.

Christel Van, and Jelle Cleymans present, along with the awards ceremony on Thursday, march 19, 2020 at a fabulous live show in the Kursaal, Ostend, belgium.

Remember, these are 10 of her all over belgium to become?

Jan Leyers and Paul Michiels, arrived this morning, along with The Ladies. Mistress Anja Daems know them, then (almost) forgotten facts about the history of belgium to become to the extract.

1. John Smith has linked to it
Bart Peeters, Jan and Paul are with each other. Jan Leyers was searching for a new voice for a new group to start with. John Smith thought that the lead singer of the ‘Females’, and that Michel in the 1980’s, sang with a perfect match would produce. No, Bart, not belgium to become!

2. The first meeting in a cafe
At the café in The square in Heist-op-den-berg, gave the Paul Michiels-the 1984 action. In the audience was Jan Leyers. He introduced himself afterwards, and he said the famous words: “You and I, we are going to take over the world”. Paul was not impressed at all. A few weeks later, they sang together, ‘Cathy’s clown’ by The Everly Brothers at a concert. And the rest is history.

3. Work on the looks
The first demo from john and Paul-were-You-get-to-me’ and ‘Downtown’. They ended up in the office of EMI-labelboss Guy Brulez. The songs and saw that he was right, but she had to have something to do with their appearance. “Let’s face it, the most beautiful girl you are,” said Brulez. “We’re going to be a penalty, the image should come up.”