The family of actress Silvia Claes’s death escaped

4f89a2b827b05d218953424cc7b37afc - The family of actress Silvia Claes's death escaped

Bad luck to the Family of actress Silvia Claes: last week, she was involved in a serious car accident at a dangerous intersection in the brussels airport. After that, a truck on her car rammed, it is clear that the film is still a little while out of battle it will be. But it could have been worse, time, much, much worse, in fact.

With the news that Silvia Claes’s last week involved in a traffic accident, and got a hard on. Not the least of which, her son, Tommy (son, whom she has been collaborating with A Levi), and also to the family and fans of the show.
At a crossroads, and had Silvia Claes, turn to the left. It is used in the afslagstrook that this feature is, but it’s not to turn a truck at high speed in her car is broken in. The public prosecutor’s office is investigating who is at fault, but by Day they rode, neither of the parties are at a red light, and there was no alcohol or drugs in the game.