Sven Ornelis is the victim of haatberichten

e6803e0237aa6796c110cb0997df73aa - Sven Ornelis is the victim of haatberichten

“Oh, you are going to still not get it. I will make up my mind to always remain in view. And are you harassing messages, I’m going to ignore it. The discussion can also be a civilised way”, he wrote, Sven Ornelis, Tuesday, on Facebook.

Since this past weekend, hordes of people will be the producer with the haatberichten and threats, and that they are using all of the available channels. The buzz started after that, Sven Ornelis, last weekend, the city of Bruges, the restaurant Phara De Vie to claim it after the restaurant under fire and it came to be. Phara’s Dirty, got a negative critique, since they have foie gras on their menu now.

“In a silly way, they are on the social media to address the criticism she’s getting is not on the serving of foie gras. The goal of these extreme animal rights activism, it is clear: if you have foie gras, we’ll make your life difficult, and we will make sure that the customers will turn away from it,” writes Sven Ornelis, on his blog. “We have to say that the service is at it again, the staff is friendly, and that there is no parking, and so on. The way in which the people don’t care: if you are in pain, animals, that these animals, as will be the suffering as well. Are you looking for the self, they argue,” says Sven Ornelis.

After Ornelis on Sunday, along with Ben Weyts R Generous tasting at the Hospitality Expo, took the criticisms levelled at it are increasing. “These extremists want to be at the end, but one thing for sure: that in the end we all stop eating animals, be aware of, Sven Ornelis. “I will do it again masses of horrible responses in the past couple of days. These extremists are, indeed, outstanding, and very stubborn, and aggressive. All of the funds, each time, any possibility of a hard language, it is for them to gepermitteerd, because we have dogs willing to eat it, in their eyes, after all, are murderers.”