She is captured in Flanders by the international cue!

016f289b8b9d6522e915e639a019f19f - She is captured in Flanders by the international cue!

It is the story of Annie, it is not an essential part of the film, and musicalgeschiedenis. However, daring to the Music Hall to the red-haired girl in a whole new look to the stitches. And they didn’t do this alone. What do you get when you musicaltoppers in Flanders and the Netherlands in its rooms. A musical comedy that omverblaast!

Willemijn Verkaik, aka Elphaba-defying gravity, was, perhaps, didn’t have much on the Belgian boards, but it toured for a long time, and her permanent removal to countries around the world as the green witch in the musical Wicked. A great pleasure was it to have the same iconic sounds, you can hear it in Jane, this time in the role of the weeshuisuitbaatster Miss Hannigan. Kraakzuivere, haunting sounds that filled the Kursaal in Ostend (belgium).

That may be, in Belgium, must be the Music Hall is thought to have. And rightly so, because She’s the Knight (who is now 3 roles in Annie, her RESUME is allowed to write to), is it necessary to the Flemish counterpoint, with its traditional, beautiful musicalklanken in the role of Grace Farrell.