Sergio, Axel Daeseleire serve up never before seen footage

9c07bd474346e2a0445c3984f4a70099 - Sergio, Axel Daeseleire serve up never before seen footage

Over the last few weeks have made Sergio and Axel Daeseleire, six unforgettable journeys. They have tasted the culinary delights from Thailand, Mexico, India, Norway, Lebanon, Japan, and so lawless and violent that the culture of each country. On Wednesday the 20th of november and will end their trip in the Dutch-belgian border, where the Former is a full-service, to look forward to. In its on-site restaurant AIRrepublic, he invites all of the 40 winners of a culinary trip around the world. In the kitchen, and the chef is nothing less than perfection, and in the room of errors is not given. As the stress rises, therefore, in the master of Axel, who is in his first service at the michelin star level will be thrown out. “The Former I can see, it is a very different man than the Former, with which I am traveling and gone”, what it sounds like.

The magic of the 40 invited guests, a menu on the table, as he is the only way we can do that. The six-course, where he gained inspiration and experience from his trip around the world together. Also, his older son, Boy is stirring in the pot. The traditional Thai fish sauce, Lebanese goat cheese, and the smakenpallet of the Mexican honingmier: the best of the best flavors to get a spot in one of the menus. The fish and counting The on the Axel, you will find the coastal waters of Zeeland has to offer in search of turbot and shrimp. It it time to get off the hook?

The final episode follows not only the particular slotservice of The and Health. Of the two, looks back at the best and most funny moments of the trip, and show a never-before-aired footage. As of a visit to a sakébrouwerij in Japan, where each and every working day and will be preceded by a morning exercises. Or the local vissausfabriek, where the Former and the Success to a group of monks, with a lunch, prepared on the basis of… the fermented fish.