FOUR marks were lost Leentje Custers

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On the 11th of October it was 11 years ago, Leentje Custers was killed in a car crash. Together with the presenter Ernst-Paul Hasselbach was Lina, in Norway, on his way to shooting 71° North, with a program that is both in Flanders and in the Netherlands to broadcast it. Unfortunately, tragedy struck during a road trip in the car on the way to recognition came to the two of them with their car in the freezing cold water. The two did not survive.
Wednesday evening brings to FOUR, a tribute to Lina. Lina was a really, Lina…. The 26-year-old Limburg, it was only 1 meter 58 tall. But whom Lina had to know that they have been allowed to apply. She has worked hard to prove themselves in the tv world, and it worked for her. Lina was given the unique opportunity to participate as a staff member at the adventure travel 71° North. No one then dared to conjecture that it was its last journey with me.

Love her, Jan makes a Wednesday night, along with Frances Lefebure her get into her seat. Forever Young, not only will your family and friends, but also for a lot of people are out of the box, which is a more than an emotional episode.

Forever Young, on 20u35 to FOUR years old.