Fewer layoffs than expected in the BATCH of Media

11e533fade29f813f90e649a260a28d9 - Fewer layoffs than expected in the BATCH of Media

Almost two months ago, it became known that in the near future, up to 145 redundancies would be in the S of Media. In the run-up to the coming together of The School and in Brussel, there were already several people to thank for services rendered, it is the actual layoff have to wait. However, according to The Time of the damage shall be limited to: in place of the 145 people in the tv department, it would have to go, there will be a maximum of 87 people have been fired.
This is all good news, however, it is very bad news for the people who are in the business in the future, we will have to leave. The tv world is a rapidly changing area and, to a lesser income from advertising will have an impact on the numbers of all of the companies. Just about all of the divisions of the cells connected to it, it would be affected by the layoff.