BV is always more likely to follow in the footsteps of their parents

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More and more frequently occur EG children, following in the footsteps of their famous father, or mother, or wife. For example, Julie Vermeire, who is just, ‘Dancing with the stars’ and won, along with his father, Jacques Vermeire in ‘Viva Boma’. In the first film, clash of The Champions is Julie one of the girls from The Pussycat. Julie Vermeire, says The Latest News is that it is a great honour to find that, because of the production and asked her about it and she is such a role, therefore, is not to be her father to thank for.

Julie’s not the only one, EG, a child being with her father, it is just a matter. Since last month, to hear the youngest daughter, Kristel Verbeke and that Thomas Sinterklaasfilm. The oldest, a daughter, Jan Schepens, and Katja Retsin shines forth in the near future, just like the father in the musical ‘Daens’. The family of Filip Peeters and An Miller in January, with the four of us are together on the boards of a theatre play about a family’s. Mummy An the Miller and daughter stood together on the set of the new series “#hetisingewikkeld’. Roel Vanderstukken left his 8-year-old son of Toots all play a role in the Family. Finally, it was Peter From the Beginning, in the middle of this year, along with his daughter, Charlie, can be heard in the animated film ‘Miracle Park’.