A friend of Julie Vermeire trust her completely

4f767984c8cf98fe7041d7c3c071dcc2 - A friend of Julie Vermeire trust her completely

Julie Vermeire won the ‘ Dancing With The Stars, and had to work closely together with partner Pasquale. What looked up at her friend, William, to that intimate co-operation between cute and sexy, I? “In the beginning, I found it really strange that a man 24/7 in my friend’s sitting there,” said William fair, in the Story. “But as soon as I can I was taught, I was put at ease,” said William. It is the intimate contact just to be in the world.

The relationship with Julie will also remain strong, according to William of in the magazine. Viewers saw her go from a shy girl to a lady is self-confident, and William recognizes this trend, but it shows that you with both feet on the ground. “That humility is a virtue almost,” said William.