Phil, next year, or at the Gent Jazz

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This summer, it would be Sting’s performance at the Gent Jazz, this gig was not going to be the lead singer of the doctor’s prohibition, to be in the future. What followed was chaos, and with a load of reproaches to address to the organizer. This is that they have done everything possible to get quickly to the public to be informed. There has been a lot of buzz, because people are still on a reimbursement. Four months later, we find out that the insurance company is legally a game of question-and-answer play for, on the one hand, as little money as possible to pay, on the other hand, the amount of the full claim, as long as possible, so they can keep up. And ticketkopers rather today than tomorrow, and their money back and would like to see it. Is understandable”, says the organization. “Who is this summer for a ticket to be purchased at a later date to a concert with Sting at the Gent Jazz, and have no, or only a partial refund is asked, the next day, an e-mail, you will get an exclusive pre-sale from november 20 (9 am) – 21 October (23: 59)”, please let the organizer know about it.