Mauritshuis museum launches new music label with, among other things, He can be seen


Mauritshuis museum launches new music label with, among other things, He can be seenMauritshuis museum launches new music label with, among other things, He can be seen

On the 21st of november to present to the Mauritshuis, a museum with a new project Check out the Mauritshuis, a museum with your ears. Several Dutch artists will sing a specially-written song to be a masterpiece in the museum, and to let the stories behind the paintings come to life.

For this project, the Mauritshuis museum is a private record company*. In the museum, will people be inspired to take a fresh look at the art to look at. By listening to the unique songs and requested singer-songwriters you will find the paintings in new ways. The songs for the record company to listen to different radio channels, such as YouTube, Spotify, and The artists ‘ share to the number is also on their own platform.

A unique playlist creation

The Mauritshuis museum is going to have different singer-songwriter approach to the question of whether they want to be inspired by the collection. All kinds of musical styles, may be addressed in this paper. From pop to metal, from classical to punk, with or without the text. Finally, the museum intends to have a specific playlist to create the four musical odes a year.

To start with, He can be seen

The show will be bitten off by none other than He, the one man band by Erik de Jong. He spent this past October with a visit to the Mauritshuis, a museum and a tribute to the more than 15 works, including Girl with a Pearl earring by Johannes Vermeer. On this picture, he told me that it’s likely to be a number on it, but that he still has a little hesitate, because it’s such a famous piece. Nevertheless, he ventured to make choice. In his song, Pearl reference, He can be seen on the mysteries and myths surrounding the iconic work of Johannes Vermeer, in 1665.

On the 21st of november, the number of Pearl for the first time will be played. He will be in a mini-concert in the lobby of the Mauritshuis museum. Then he sings the song, the Pearl is once again in the Golden Hall of the museum, with only his guitar and an ensemble of the English chamber Choir. Footage from the acoustic performance, form the basis for the movie. The pearl is from the 22nd of november to hear and on the Music.

The following artists will also be well-known

The following are two of the artists ‘View in the Mauritshuis, a museum with your the ears are also well-known. The baton will be taken over by the singer, MEROL, known for hits such as ‘Good girls’ and ‘Christmas with the fam. The singer-comedian Harry, raincoats, car coats, it is the third musician in the line. With a Small Orchestra, ” he wrote, inter alia, ‘the wall’, and soloartiest songs such as ‘I love me’. But, in The Hague, has been the biggest hit, of course, is the unofficial anthem of the city: “O,o, Den Haag’. For more information on the co-operation with the MEROL, and His car-coats will follow in early 2020’s.

* * * The term ‘music label’ is barren of the ‘Mauritshuis’ is used as a vehicle to make the audio collection of the museum is to draw attention to. All of the arrangements with the artists are a one-time thing.