Jeroen Meus is celebrating the 2,000 th episode of the routine

41721a9ceaa38393bedcfcd16779f2c9 - Jeroen Meus is celebrating the 2,000 th episode of the routine

It is the most popular cooking show in Flanders, a Daily occurrence, and Jeroen Meus may, on the 19th of november, the 2,000 years old again. For the occasion, surprised, One, Jeroen, and all the routine of the team, with a delicious cake, which will He Av was to give away in the kitchen. On the occasion of the 2000th episode and launches new Daily routine will also include introtune, a song by the band The me in you – the full song, with proceeds going to The hottest week.

Jeroen Meus: “it is great that I can work with the entire team for the 2000th time is allowed to do that! I know I’m not as concerned with the numbers, whether it’s the 1st of the 246ste, or the 2000th episode of the Daily routine, we are throwing a little bit of hard. It really is the coolest job to have to do it, and I’m very grateful for that, so I hope that we can continue to go on. Recently, I looked back to see the first episode of day to day living. True, I was still nervous for the shoot, the program is now really a permanent appointment to be able to connect with the audience. The routine is something that most people can count on, and a security system. It is much more than just cooking lessons: we can make a personal connection with the people, the viewers at home, as well as with the passers-by in the kitchen. That’s a connection, that is, to me, is the most important thing.”