Dina Tersago is in The House: “I was not in my body’

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On Tuesday night, november 19, The house as a guest for many years on the rural courts, has been to the Flemish farmers, with a kind help of Dina Tersago. See, Eric is a great opportunity. Immediately, he sends Dinah to the barn to get the place clean to make it. As to the former Miss Belgium, is not ready to roll up their sleeves and muck in to clean up.

Examine Dina just two violent boys. “The real hooligans. That is the right word. I have seen them once in an empty bath, and they are not going away.” To the extent that the opvoedingstips. However, there is some good news for Dinah. They should be available 24 hours in The house without the kids. Enjoy the peace and quiet. In the suitcase to see that Dina has brought, the peace and quiet in The house for very much longer lasting.

Dina was when he was a teenager himself, a half-boy. To her, photography is definitely not a Miss Belgium candidate city. “I have to register for the Miss Belgium was in fact an act of rebellion. I wasn’t always comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to do a year and quit school. To do something that no one else was on I would expect to see.”
In 2001, the case of Dina, then, as Miss Belgium, at the election of Miss Universe in the united states of america. She was tested and found to comply, the organizer of the competition. Today, the organizer and the president of the United States of america, Donald Trump. “I’m one minute into the picture, and I was allowed to go home. I have had a month of practice.”

Dina is enjoying the peace and quiet in The house. “I have a feeling that the two will be rushing.” But this time it is Eric who is Dinah, from her rest to get. To the horror of the sports room will be waiting.