This is a sight to behold and has a burn-out

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On the 8th of november, we published an article that, This is a sight to behold, a few days later was playing in the Theater, The Roxy. This article was barely online, and when we are out of the owner, Gunter Reniers told that The gig had to be cancelled due to health reasons. Still later, the calendar on the site to suddenly be empty.

Saturday night and gave the singer some of the info on her state of health. On the Facebook report of them that we can be up by the end of January 2020 and on a stage will see. “For over 30 years I have been trying every day to give everything as a Whole is a sight to behold. But I’m also Iris: a woman, a mother and a wife. And sometimes that’s all a bit too much. In the last few months have been extremely busy, and have a sense of. I’ve had my body a little too long in the red, and it demands its toll. I’ve decided to take a full-health, and a few months on the board to the other. However, I am in good hands with us. Together with the aid of the doctors and my family, and I hope that I will be there in no time and can stand up to all of you.”, you know, the singer on social media.