Peter Van de Veire is supporting a daughter She

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Peter Van de Veire has She to be a daughter of those who have been to the media attention. For example, as for the controversy on Instagram posing with an exposed sanitary napkin in her panties and lies She’s breaking up with social media is by much to the naked photos of you to post it. “It is, in particular, the presenter in the Day for All of them. “All three of my daughters to make their own choices, and I think that’s very, very good.”

Peter Van de Veire will be his daughters, and never was the lesson of the games. “She’s a grown woman of 26,” says the Veire. “You know, I confront her with the fact that there is agitation, can occur. If you have some taboos to break, or raise, you will make some people start to wake up. That is, she must be very good to know,” said Peter Van de Veire in the magazine.