Karl Vannieuwkerke, sharing an emotional message of

Karl Vannieuwkerke, sharing an emotional message of

What do Karl Vannieuwkerke is a happy man now. Five years ago, the lives of a lot of different. This week, the ‘fourth’, Karl Vannieuwkerke, namely, a five year period.
“Five years ago, it changed my life. I have been officially cancer. At the time the disease is diagnosed, there is something in your brain, which immediately takes hold of a moment in time, five years later, in the time of need.”

Last week, Karl Vannieuwkerke for a check-up by the university hospital of Ghent, belgium. There, he received the comforting news of the trade: it’s to do with Karl Vannieuwkerke, but there are no traces of cancer found. Five years ago, it was a little different, and was a journalist and the presenter of bad news. Vannieuwkerke, and disappeared for a while, the screen and went in for treatment. It took not very long for a Vannieuwkerke, the thread of life was able to record. Today it is called the presenter, and the people who helped him, and care for them are heroes. “The heroes were the people who lived in the care sector.”

Cancer patients to know that there is always a chance of a relapse, I had the same Vannieuwkerke, fortunately, not that tells about making computer. Most of the studies on the recidivism rate of a specific cancer are usually not more than 5 years ago, in the course of time. Trying to encourage him. This means that the risk of recurrence is very small to non-existent now. No wonder you look forward to this date for five years at the time of writing Vannieuwkerke is on Facebook.

“And it was. I got used to it, apparently. In the event the check by today, there was a couple of weeks ago and planned for it, but I have had them, rats are forgotten. Shame on me, and at the same time, it gave me the feeling that I was in the thread of their lives had to be picked up. Gone are the doom – and-dwanggedachten that cancer inevitably brings with it. Life goes on, be aware of Vannieuwkerke.