Jacky Lafon, and Zita Wauters to help to Make Belgium Great Again

ba729f92a4a073b101527c596d669de5 - Jacky Lafon, and Zita Wauters to help to Make Belgium Great Again

In the second-to-last episode of Makeup to Belgium, Great Again, spent at the beginning of focus on foster care, within our alcohol consumption-and if they want us to do a lot more laughing. To make our country better, to make the calls at the beginning of this week, with the help of Jacky Lafon, Zita Wauters, Elodie Ouédraogo, and William for The Voice of Flanders).

In Flanders, waiting for currently the 980 children in an appropriate foster home. Earlier in the week were set on the Groenplaats square in Antwerp 980 crochet dolls hang them up, one doll for each child that is waiting for a new home.
Due to some persistent prejudices and misconceptions about foster care, there is a continued lack of candidate foster families for each child to have a warm place in order to be able to offer you. On the day of the care, it is a good time to bring this to the attention to. At the beginning of is going to be on the look out for people who are in search of to have in their homes and in their heart of hearts, wants to convince them to take over care, and may be a candidate.

What few people know is that the tv presenter and former Olympic athlete Elodie Ouédraogo, also of a child’s. “A lot of people think that I’m an adoptee, but I am a foster child, and grew up in a real Benetton family. My parents had their own children, but they are also a place for adoptive children and for me as a child. I have all my brothers and sisters, just like my real brothers and sisters are treated.”
Hopefully it manages to do at the beginning of the waiting list, with children living in foster care as you do is fade away.