Ellis & Doran to go for an enjoyable christmas concert

e4464d12f752dd510e698fbab7fe834a - Ellis & Doran to go for an enjoyable christmas concert

The victim says on Facebook that she greatly looks forward to the christmas season. At that time, that is, on Friday, december 20, at 20 o’clock in the CC to The Mol Aarschotsesteenweg 3 in belgium, the performance of the Center, & Doran take place. It is, as we have the torque to have a real Christmas love story. Ellis & Doran, accompanied by musicians and a special guest, Michael Lanzo, and Lissa Lewis.

This year they have chosen the Cultural Center of The Mol in belgium. The atmosphere and friendliness in the church, it is, of course, to top it, but they have to be sure that this conviviality will be able to bring to the CC. Also, to get the people a bit of comfort in the place, the comfortable chairs, the possibility to viptafels, good access for wheelchair users or for people who are bad to the bone, it is a nice stand, where everyone is an equally good view, the breakfast, the warm restrooms, lobby, etc… in other words, it will be a fun night.