Dennis Black Magic is out for Goedele Liekens

b43556ec79f11a0bf3dacd6d9f366e14 - Dennis Black Magic is out for Goedele Liekens

This past weekend was Goedele Liekens is known that they are in a porn movie supposed to do, but in fact, the news has to do with a harsh campaign of Child Focus. In this way, the situation of people with child pornography and will report it.

Those who have the means of communication, of Goedele Liekens does not understand, it is Dennis Black Magic. “That, Goedele Liekens porn, used and abused it for a publicity stunt of the Child Focus, I can’t, and porn as a commercial product, and has nothing to do with child sexual abuse,” he writes on Facebook. . When I was 2 years ago, the Child-Focus of a letter I have written to ask him / her to the youth, to make it clear that pornography is not sex education, it was, I just ignored it. Maybe I’m too political to be heard to be good. Conclusion: to affect her: “you’re a perfect politician, that is us, once again, lie has been a lie, and for that, you could, of course, is no different than the pornowereld to take, otherwise you got no attention”, says Dennis Black Magic.