The unseen battle, ” The Battle breaks loose

The unseen battle, " The Battle breaks loose

5 Months is a long time to have the media icon in the Gert Verhulst, the tv phenomenon that is James Cooke, actress, and television personality Katja Schuurman and topcomedian Najib Amhali – their body, mind and spirit will be trained intensively for a few crazy jobs. The all-new, FOUR-program, The‘Battle’ they will be in the biggest studio of Belgium’s Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theater is completely out of their comfort zone, and achieved. Acrobatic stunts using a trapeze at extreme heights, up to the next level hersentraining. They have to do it all. Jones, James, Katya, and Najib will go for the thrilling battle it out with each other, the issues, and above all with himself. What are the chances that they will also be effective to succeed in their mission? And who will win The Battle, team canada or team Usa?

In each episode, get the Girl, James, Katya, and Najib, a task is presented by a famous or well-known Flemish people. And in that role they are in one of four categories: a spectacular shownummer, is a near-impossible breinopdracht, demanding behendigheidsproef, and is a life-threatening stunt.
As We were only a couple of months in the period of time in order to prepare us for our work, and it was a challenge to make myself go to the extreme to push it. I’ve even dedicated my meniscus operation, for the show. I am, however, very much afraid, because I have to walk a tightrope, and I’m afraid of heights …”
That Girl on a tightrope at high altitude have to walk, that was, you might have been. In addition, it is an Irish Dance choreography to a good end, he is 5 cardistry tricks to deliver and it is really all about the Belgian and Dutch entries in the Eurovision song Contest.