Roos Van Acker lost a child

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If you are a happy mum or dad of one, two, or three, or even more. It may not be. There are a lot of people are not that lucky to know. One of them is the radio station Studio Brussel presenter Roos Van Acker. The show has had a number of relationships in the past but it has only been in your current relationship with her best friend, a Friend that they have, for the first time, she was pregnant. Last year it was unfortunately a failure , after only 9 weeks of pregnancy, lost the Rose, and blood. The Latest News tells of Rose, and this weekend they are at the beginning of the went on, as she was given the heartbreaking news that her pregnancy had to be stopped. After a week, I am medication to start to take everything in a “clean boot” to do. In the morning, I went to work, I was sitting in the ochtendradio to do it when everything is in motion shot,” says Rose, the weekendkrant. Unfortunately, it was one or the other is not, as she had hoped it would be. “I don’t know what makes me tick. Sense of duty? I wanted to do to myself to show how strong I was. In any case, it didn’t work out. That fall did something to my head. It took me a long time to get back to my fold, come, both physically and mentally.”

Well, here we are, more than a year. A new pregnancy is not possible. The reason for this? She was afraid of. “Afraid of a new one ” I fear it will be the last time, because I feel now that all of this sadness, I can still get but once you have it.” Rose, her age is against you. “Of course, I realize that I’m 43, but with the treatments, but we don’t want to start. I would love to see the romance and that of ‘the children’ is. As a child, this is a dream come true, but not at any cost,” she tells The Latest News.