Raymond van Barneveld says he’s not there enough for his family

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Raymond van Barneveld says he’s not there enough for his family

November 16, 2019 12:27 pm
16-11-19 12:27 pm
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Raymond van Barneveld (52), it is now in its final months as a professional darts player. However, the developments in his personal life to grab him, more than most sports loss. Which tells the story of the darter on Saturday are in the AD.

His wife Syliva, ran for 24 years, divorced now, he is out for a year to be happy with his eighteen-year-younger girlfriend, Julia. “Even though it’s all illegal, of course. Even though I was married, it had to be to keep that a secret. I didn’t want any of the photos in magazines. Of course, there’s the age difference, but we can fit in with one another. “Dirty paedophile, filthy bastard’, I was told, when I was with Julia went off. That will hold me to it.”

The tension surrounding the divorce, he is trying to make itself on. “The point is. They will have to accept it. It would be difficult. And my ex is turn. I have to, and I really wanted to go though a divorce. That was not Julia, but with mutual problems to be with her and my stepson Mike. I want to be there not too much to say about it. Mike is the official Michael, the son of David, from a previous relationship, that Contacted, it was brought up that way. With Wallace, he received two of his daughters.