Peggy, of the Home, open artshop

06880fd5c5c3e40c7c33905d607e25ce - Peggy, of the Home, open artshop

Next week’s opening of Same same but different’, in the artshop of the Sally-Jane Van Horenbeeck. The former Home of actress brings art and food together, and it’s going to convince people to take a genuine, Axel Daeseleire, or Gène Bervoets to buy it. Sally-Jane’s benefit as of september 2017, the gourmet Thai restaurant, Siam Sally, from. Now, she is going to take this one step further, and opens the next door, the restaurant, the kuntshop ‘Same same but different ” where everyone is the work of, among others, Gène Bervoets, Axel Daeseleire, Andrea Croonenberghs, Adalbert the Whole, They are Of Eetvelden and Ann (Clauwaert you can admire and buy it.

Sally-Jane: “I have noticed that a lot of people are interested in art, but do not always find their way in, for example, art. With the ‘Same same but different’ I’m bringing the arts to all people, so I want to show you that art is the best, accessible, and affordable it can be. In addition, the combination of the air-conditioned rooms with works of art as a total experience.”