Orange in addition to, after a rest on the opening goal in Northern Ireland

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Orange in addition to, after a rest on the opening goal in Northern Ireland

November 16, 2019 19:32
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The Dutch national football team will play on Saturday at 20: 45 in the heart of the crucial qualification match against Northern Ireland. Amber put herself in a tie for the CHAMPIONSHIP the next year. To follow this liveblog.

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  • Northern Ireland: The Orange 0-0
  • Orange and placed it in a tie

Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-minute geleden72 ” There is almost nothing from the rest. The orange have possession of the ball, and tap it is simple to around. The Northern Irish are trying to do, but they didn’t have the grades to ensure that the Netherlands is in trouble.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

Quincy Promes on the left a few times for the danger taken care of, but “goals”, provides, so far, have not.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · a 6-minute geleden67 ” it’s Almost an own goal for the Northern Irish! Cathcart hit the ball completely wrong, and you shoot the ball right next to his own goal.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands is a 9-minute geleden65′ free-kick from De Jong seems to be Pröpper with a view to bring about. Just before he and his want to lash out, the ball is removed.The north of Ireland, the Netherlands, 10 minutes geleden63 and Orange seems to be the 0-0-track easy to find, and at the same time, it is the North of Ireland, in the ability of the country is in trouble. It makes for a very boring second half of it.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · 12 hours ago

From the moment of the match so far: the Orange had escaped, when Davis was a penalty kick metres in height left.The north of Ireland, the Netherlands, · a 12-minute geleden61′ Luuk de Jong is ready for subbing, and is replacing Steven Berghuis. For the sake of clarity: even with a 0-0, the Netherlands has put in place for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · 14 minutes geleden60 ” The sound of the crowd is getting noisier. The orange holds the ball and plays the simple, around-five minutes of the match.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · is a 17-minute geleden56′ Babylon. The attacker was in a headline in reference to Veltman at the far left corner, but Peacock-Farrell was an excellent save.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands, 18 minutes geleden55′ in Northern Ireland, the public is starting to get upset because the Orange and the ball is cleared, you can rondtikken on the side. The second act has yet to come off, even if the English national football team, in this position, so it is enough to place it.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands, 21 minutes geleden52, ” It is in the North of Ireland need to score, but the Orange in check. The team of the coach Ronald Koeman takes up the reins, and looking for an opening.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · 24-geleden49 The second half, starting with a a lot less flashy than the first. Amber is looking for and can get the ball from the home team. The opportunities that we have not yet seen after the break.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · 29-minute geleden46′ the North of Ireland, will kick in and bring the second half underway. The home side will have to score to keep an eye on the european CHAMPIONSHIPS.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · 30 minutes ago, it‘s a virtual position, group C, is as follows:

  1. Germany, 7-18 (+15)
  2. The netherlands, 7th-16th (+12)
  3. The North Of Ireland, 7-13 (+1)

Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · 43 minutes ago

How would you coach Ronald Koeman look back at the first half? How do you look at it look at it: the team is in this position, the virtual position is for the european CHAMPIONSHIP this summer.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · 44 minutes ago

It has been resting at Windsor Park. Orange is having a hard time with Northern Ireland and has provided the team with a free kick and see it to miss it. Part of the reason that is, it is still 0-0 in Belfast.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden44′ Promes swings a free-kick in the penalty area, and is reached From the Sea. The Liverpool defender blasts the ball back in, but do not have a player to achieve.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden41′ Veltman delivers the ball, just like in Davis, so the Northern Irish are in a numbers up situation are able to attack. The team, however, is to be serious about taking that opportunity and give the ball back to an unsafe place to be.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden40′ Davis, nipping a promising attack of the Orange in the bud, but have to go with the yellow. This is the first card of the night for the Northern Irish people.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands-one hour ago

Babylon, the she is not easy to be in the forefront.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden37′ is Still waiting for the rest to seize a coach, Ronald Koeman, in. Marten de Roon is going to get to the end and will be replaced by Davy Pröpper.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden36 Orange repacked, and search for the opening goal. Blind retrieve from a distance of eighteen and deployment of a meter over the goal.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden34′ Pröpper is ready for subbing. De Roon, who has a yellow card, picked it up, looks like he’ll to have to make.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands-four hours ago –32′ Northern Ireland, the miss penalty!

It’s lucky for the Oranje. Captain Davis, to shoot the penalty will be for a few meters. It remains 0-0 in Belfast.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands-four hours ago –a 30′ free Kick to Northern Ireland!

What’s going on here now? Saville shoot on the left-hand Veltman and referee Marciniak is pointing out to the dot. It is possible, but in the second half and allowed an opportunity to participate.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden29′ Babylon’s attempts from a distance. The shot is going to be a meter next to it.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden27 After a brutal opening phase of the North of Ireland, the Orange and the grey. The Netherlands national football team, looking for an opening, but it has not yet been found.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden22′ On the river will send to Babylon, the road. The peak is in the schietkans, but it’s like he’s out of it, is it called for being offside.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden19′ me some danger, the North Irish people. Whyte swings for the ball in the penalty area, but his cross is blowing on his team-mate through.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands-one hour ago

His goal is to have The Roon is suspended for the match on Tuesday against Sweden.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands-one hour ago

Steven Berghuis is very early in the game is close in the 0 to 1 if it is on reference to Promes to the crossbar.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden16 Again, the danger from the left. Promes is reached Babylon, that is, the effect of fog is to the North of Ireland, neil Peacock-Farrell was a pleasant surprise.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden15 Blind from the left and a good header, but it will not be a player against the ball and run.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden13, ” There is not even one quarter of the game, but now it all starts to Davy Pröpper, on the warm-up. As with the yellow card, of Roon, and there seems to be no injury to it.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden11 Bad news for Marten de Roon! The midfielder picks up early on in the match, a yellow card and therefore is suspended for the match against the Netherlands.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden10′ – What a chance for the Orange to take the score to open it! Promes is doing really well and putting away at the mountain house. The attacker has the of the from 0 to 1 before entering it, but it shows his commitment to raising the bar of light.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden8, ” There has been a significant number of minutes played in the Netherlands for the first time, is allowed to build up. Promes provides the ball in from the left-hand side, but the ball is out.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden5′ Cillessen punches a free-kick into the feet of Saville, but his shot is blocked. Northern Ireland start brightly in the game.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden3′ Wow, that’s almost a don’t miss for the Oranje. Cillessen takes the ball to the wrong, and to shoot at the Evans on this. The midfielder can’t control and then the chance is lost, it is. The orange is, in any case, be warned.Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · one-hour geleden1, ” The Northern Irish are starting a bold and attack straight away. Whyte swings the ball in from the right side, but he knows he is not a player away.The north of Ireland, the Netherlands, · a 2-hour geleden1′ get The ball rolling in Belfast. Amber starts off in a crucial european CHAMPIONSHIP kwalificatieduel the North of Ireland.The north of Ireland, the Netherlands, · a 2-hour geledenDe songs are sounding at Windsor Park. The north of Ireland, the Netherlands, is about to begin.The north of Ireland, the Netherlands, · a 2-hour geledenVoor NUsport are Rypke Bakker, Bas Scharwachter is present in the heart!

On september 10, 2013 posted crude oil, against Andorra, and for the last time for a final tournament. Here in Northern Ireland, Windsor Park, may finally be about to happen. One point is all it takes. #NIRNED


AuteurBas ScharwachterMoment of plaatsen20:31 am – november 16, 2019Noord-Ireland-the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

Perhaps a surprising choice of Koeman, but Steven Berghuis should be showing from the right-hand side just for you!Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

Koeman: ‘Memphis ‘ protected’
Head coach, Ronald Koeman, when the NOS: ‘You can feel that we are almost there. We are in our own hands, and the goal is to ensure that we have tonight to finish it. Memphis, I need to take. I found it to be too big a risk. Wijnaldum has been ill and has not yet been fully trained, so he does not have to. Yes, of course they are important, but we also have plenty of other players that have goals and can make it. We have made it to the right hand side for more strength on the ball, that’s why I choose to mountain house, and Veltman.”Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

On the 10th of september 2013 (!) qualified Amber for the last time for a final tournament. At that time, it was a ticket to the fifa world cup 2014 is that a fact, after a 0-2 win in Andorra (twice, with Robin van Persie). Work again this evening?Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands · 2 hours ago

Half an hour till kick-off…the Northern Ireland-Netherlands · 2 hours ago

A little over a month ago (10th of October), were the two countries against each other. The orange won out in The Tub, but it was very, very difficult:

The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, 3-1

  • 0-1 Magennis (75′)
  • 1-to-1 Memphis (80′)
  • 2-1, Luuk de Jong (90+1′)
  • 3-1 to Memphis (90+4′)

Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands 2 hours ago,This is the position in the group.

  1. The netherlands, 6-15 (19-7)
  2. Germany, 6-15 (20-6)
  3. Northern Ireland, 6 To 12 (8-7)
  4. In White-Russia 7-4 (4-12 Years Old)
  5. Estonia 7-1 (2-21)

At 20: 45 is going to be the ball rolling at the of Germany, the republic of belarus.Back to top

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