John Smith is sick in bed

08368c533e9d26780437d04e91ad8f3a - John Smith is sick in bed

A lot of Flemish fans have had for a long time and is looking forward to his show at the Oktoberhallen te Wieze, but Friday night, the Band’s singer john Smith is blind. Jan was namely to be sick in bed.
“As you may or may not have noticed was, I can’t be very active on social media. I’ve had the past few days, mostly at home, in bed and breakfast”, wrote john Smith on Friday, on his social media accounts. “I have, I have, after a visit to my primary care physician is compelled to make the concerts this weekend, get there, and Volendam will have to cancel due to acute Laryngitis. This is an immediate keelprobleem, and it would be impossible to make myself 100% to live, and to be able to wager up to all of the fans of the event delivery to which they are entitled. I’m sorry, I’m really great!”, Jan Smith, continued.